Peloton, Gold's Gym, and how to practice savoring and mindfulness

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At a glance

  • 💳 Weird flex, but okay. “Buy now, pay later” flex payment options are getting ever more popular, as we all want to buy cool stuff but don’t want to pay for it…yet.

  • 😷 New advertisement channel. Now that it’s clear we are stuck wearing masks for a while, companies like Disney are now selling branded facial masks.

  • 🚴 Peloton added a whopping 1.1 million users to its digital fitness platform over the span of just 45 days…

  • 🏋️ Meanwhile, Gold’s Gym filed for bankruptcy because of you-know-what.

Spotlight - Savoring & Mindfulness

Today’s main story is about savoring and mindfulness.

When the days of the week blend together and daily tasks begin to feel mundane, remembering the aspects of work that we appreciate can be difficult.

Personal interactions are harder to come by, with so many of us working from home and separated from friends and family.

Practicing the technique of savoring can help make a full shift in embracing what we love in our work.

Our friends, Sarah Walton and Nina Iordanova, co-founder of Hello Iris, have a lot to share on this topic.

In the article that we collaborated together, we talked about what is savoring, how to practice savoring, and how to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine.

What is savoring

Savoring lengthens and intensifies positive emotions associated with doing something you enjoy, as it involves reflecting on a moment to understand what you appreciate about it.

How to practice savoring

  • Think of how fortunate you are.

  • Make sure you’re fully present in the moment.

  • Keep a memento from group activities.

  • Share the experience with another person.

How to stay mindful

  • Try making one small promise to yourself every day.

  • Incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

  • Check in with your body and breath.

Nina shared with us a 30-second exercise that you can use in your busy workday to check in with your body and breath. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Read the full article here.

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